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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


You wouldn’t use a Middleman to help you buy a pizza, or a wristwatch or window blinds, would you? So why are you urging your loyal listeners to BUY FLOWERS that way?

But that’s what you do when you personally endorse 1-800-FLOWERS.

With the exception of a scant handful of franchised or wholly-owned shops, 1-800-FLOWERS do not SUPPLY any flowers. Instead, in coordination with Bloomnet – their order relay network – they TAKE as much as 50% of the customer’s money in FEES & COMMISSIONS. Then they pass the now-heavily-discounted order to a REAL LOCAL FLORIST for design and delivery.

And local florists are POWERLESS to compete because 1-800-FLOWERS has no Cost Of Goods Sold, no inventory, no designers and no delivery people.  Almost their ONLY COST is for advertising!

Since 1988, when you championed the “bake sale,” you have been (verbally) a staunch supporter of SMALL independent businesses.

Please, Rush. Put your money where your mouth is and STOP recommending Middleman companies whose actions are destroying local businesses!