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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The TRUTH about "Flowers From $29.99"

Starting at Valentine's Day and continuing through Easter and Mother's Day, we saw major National FLOWER BROKERS such as FTD, Teleflora and 1-800-FLOWERS advertising "Flowers from $29.99" (or some such.) The fact is that this is a "come on" and a "gimmick."

Here is why.

First, the price they show IS NOT THE PRICE YOU PAY!

ALL these BROKERS add a "service/delivery charge" of around $14. So your "$29.99 flowers end up costing you about 50% MORE -- around $44!

Second, let's look at the numbers. The Flower Brokers INCLUDE about $7 in that $29.99 price for delivery. After the (roughly) 30% BROKER COMMISSION is deducted from the price, that leaves the INDEPENDENT FLORIST (like the Flower Hut) that receives the order and fills and delivers it about $21. (WE don't even get the $7 delivery fee since that is ALSO reduced by 30% to about $5.)

By the way, the $14 "service/delivery" charge is almost NEVER sent to the local florist! Instead, that fee simply adds to the BROKER's PROFIT!

So that leaves about $16 for the INDEPENDENT FLORIST to buy the flowers and container, pay a floral craftsperson to make it -- at a PROFIT.

Many/most PROFESSIONAL florists have a MINIMUM net order size of about $25 to $30 dollars PLUS a DELIVERY FEE of $7 to $12.

So... what type of flower shop is likely to ACCEPT and FILL an order from a Flower Broker for $29.99 GROSS; $21 NET??

Is THIS the kind of shop that you want to TRUST to convey YOUR feelings of love and affection?