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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caveat AT&T Advertiser

Those that have been reading this BLOG are aware that North Carolina law (Session Law 2007-545) now PROHIBITS "Phony Florists" from using "Yellow" pages directory advertising IF their physical location is not within the geographical area served by the directory AND if they do not disclose their actual physical location in the ad.

In March of this year I advised ATT that I would NOT renew my Yellow Pages ad unless they agreed that the next book would be published in accordance with NC Law. After a great deal of discussion, on July 15, the local rep called on us. He stated that he was authorized by his Vice President to commit that ATT's next local book will be in compliance with NC State Law.

On that basis, I committed to almost $15,000 worth of advertising.

On August 29, I received the local Yellow Pages book. Under florists there were THREE Phony Florists: FTD, bloomstoday and Traditions. FTD's ad shows their physical location: Downers Grove, IL. The other two DO NOT SHOW THEIR PHYSICAL LOCATION.

I spoke with the ATT rep who re-iterated that he was acting on the instructions of his VP. The VP -- as of this date -- has not returned my phone calls.

It appears that ATT values new business more than it values either ethical behavior or compliance with the law!